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Prepared for Life

Troop 1299

Charter Date: June 27, 2003
A Shomer Shabbos Troop in Baltimore, Maryland

Contact Info

Troop Hotline:  (443) 550-1299
Troop Email:
Pack Email:

Upcoming Events

Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meetings on Sundays are subject to frequent change. For updated information, call the hotline at (443)-550-1299. If an updated message is not played, assume the meeting is at Ner Tamid, 7:00-8:30 PM. There will not be a meeting if a camping trip was scheduled for that weekend.

Important Information

As a requirement for Star, Life, and Eagle Scout, Scouts are required to be an active member of the Troop. Our Troop Committee has defined "active" as follows:

A scout is considered to be active in Troop 1299 if he attends at least 75% of the troop meetings and at least 50% of the troop camping trips. In special circumstances the Scoutmaster can ask the Troop Committee to modify the percentages.

Online Payments

You can pay for all Troop 1299 events and fundraisers online through PayPal.

Please be sure to indicate the Scout's name and the reason for which you are paying so we can properly attribute the payment when it is received. On the next page, make sure you fill in the price box to pay the proper amount.

Integration with TMAS coming soon.

Please add $1 for every $30 paid through PayPal to cover costs.

Scout's Name:

Reason for Payment: