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About Troop 1299

Troop 1299 generally consists of Orthodox and Modern Orthodox boys. Prayer services are conducted daily while camping, and only Kosher food is served. Every year at summer camp, we excessively Kasher the kitchen of the cabin that we cook in, and before Shabbat, we put up an Eruv.

Where we meet

Ner Tamid Congregation
6214 Pimlico Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

We meet from 7:00-8.30pm on Sunday nights unless otherwise stated on the Troop Calendar.

Monthly Outings

Each month, the troop goes on a campout. Typically, we leave on Saturday evening and return on Sunday. These campouts usually take place at Camp Saffran, Camp Spencer, or Camp Cone.

Definition of Active Scout

As a requirement for Star, Life, and Eagle Scout, Scouts are required to be an active member of the Troop. Our Troop Committee has defined "active" as follows:

A scout is considered to be active in Troop 1299 if he attends at least 75% of the troop meetings and at least 50% of the troop camping trips. In special circumstances the Scoutmaster can ask the Troop Committee to modify the percentages.

Summer camp

Troop 1299 attends two week-long Summer Camp sessions every year. Traditionally, we would stay at camp over Shabbat, with help of the Moms and Dads of our Scouts.